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Incredibly small game console dock with amazing technology


Since games are the most favorite way of relaxation for young people, discussion-oriented social gathering in the past has changed to a feast of games together. Therefore, it can be said that games has changed our lifestyle.

Without a doubt, it is lonely to play a game alone. Have you experienced the pain of having no one to share the joys when mission is accomplished in games? Playing games with friends at weekends is a great joy in life. However, the burdensome product is a pain in the neck. Why? It is inconvenient to carry out the console due to the large and heavy dock. Is there a small and portable dock? The answer is a resounding yes!

The foldable HDMI video conversion dock for Switch TNS-19305 by DOBE is a dock with excellent performance and value to replace the original Switch HDMI dock. With a size only 1/3 of the Switch console, the foldable and compact device can be carried easily. Now, let’s explore its highlights together.

01. Compact and portable design: The novel appearance, compact size, and foldable design make it a favorite for the players obsessed about appearance and storage. It is so small and exquisite that you can put it in your pocket and even use it as a decoration for you house.

02. Easy switch between the console and TV screen: Switch console and TV screen can be switched easily. HDMI cable is used to connect the HDMI interface of the dock to the TV set. Once the switch console is connected to the dock with power supply, the video screen of the console will automatically switch to the TV screen in about 10 seconds. In this way, players can enjoy the visual stimulation on bigger screen while playing the game.

03. Charging while playing: TNS-19305 dock adopts original Switch adapter or standard Type-C interface (15V PD protocol) for power supply. With higher transmission speed and charging efficiency, it can greatly shorten the charging time. In addition, players can charge it during games without compromising its service life.

04. Upgraded USB3.0 data interface: The TNS-19305 dock uses USB3.0 data interface with much greater transmission rate than USB2.0 interface, providing faster transmission rate for Switch console.

That’s why you should have a TNS-19305 foldable HDMI video conversion dock. With this dock, you can have the best game experience and enjoy it to your heart’s content.