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Mouse & Keyboard Converter TNS-19077, A perfect shooting FPS games controller.


As we all know, most console games are manipulated by gamepads, yet a small number of games are not suitable for operation with gamepads. Taking shooting FPS games (like Splatoon 2, Doom and Overwatch) for example, most players prefer to use mouse and keyboard for their control because that the effect is almost comparable to that of PC games.

Why are we accustomed to manipulate shooting FPS games with mouse and keyboard? Because there is no supporting aiming function for shooting FPS games on the console, it is difficult to get a high record and more fun with merely the gamepad. Any solution? We can take a look at the Mouse & Keyboard Converter TNS-19077.

DOBE Mouse & Keyboard Converter TNS-19077: can convert keyboard and mouse signals into handle signals to operate the game. The novel design as a drop of water makes it noble and attractive.Meanwhile, the prismatic pattern on the surface looks like diamonds, providing unique feeling when it is held in hand.  Besides, it is easy to use and placement for the compact size.

Mouse & Keyboard Converter TNS-19077 has three USB interfaces with white icons corresponding to keyboard, mouse and controller. Isn’t the design considerate? Players can easily find the right interface. Moreover, there is a fixed USB cable and interface for connection to the game console.

With a strong compatibility, it can support not only Switch platform but also multiple platforms such as PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox360.Using the original gamepad as a guide, players can set any key on the keyboard and mouse to any key function on the handle for game operations. It has also strong function compatibility and supports most keyboards, mice, and third-party wired games in the market.

The Mouse & Keyboard Converter TNS-19077 is easy to use. Players can set the key function for console games(shooting FPS games in particular) and enjoy a totally different gaming experience. It provides players who are accustomed to playing games with the keyboard and mouse with better game control methods and increases the fun of the game. DOBE is in persistent pursuit of the ultimate gaming experience.