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TP5-3538D ps5 game accessories cooling fan holder and hesdest holder hook set

For PS5/PS5 new console

Developed and designed for PS5 game console cooling fan, cube stand and headphone hook set

This cooling fan, cube stand and headphone hook set designed specifically for PS5 game console is undoubtedly the ideal choice for game lovers. It integrates the three functions of heat dissipation, support and storage, so that your game experience is more comfortable and convenient.

The design of the cooling fan fully considers the heat dissipation requirements of the PS5 host, and uses efficient wind output to effectively reduce the temperature of the host and prevent overheating. The cube bracket uses a stable structure to allow the host to stand firmly on the desktop to avoid accidental collisions. At the same time, the bottom of the bracket is also equipped with a non-slip pad to ensure that the host is stable and does not shake.

The earphone hook is cleverly designed on the side of the stand, which is convenient for you to hang the earphone at any time and avoid the confusion of the earphone cable. In this way, while immersed in the game world, you can also keep your desktop clean and orderly.

This cooling fan, cube stand and headset hook set not only enhances the comfort of the game experience, but also highlights the taste and personality of the player. It is your right hand to enjoy the PS5 gaming journey and make your gaming life more colorful

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