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XboxONE(S) Controller Keyboard (Silicon Button) TYX-538S

For XboxONE S

Product name:  XboxONE(S) Controller Keyboard (Silicon Button)

Product model: TYX-538S

Product feature:

1,Compatible for XboxONE S controller
2,Keyboard for easy text input and chat with friends after connect the keyboard to Xbox One Slim wireless controller and insert the 2.4G receiver to any USB interface of the for Xbox One Slim console
3,White with black keybaord for better recognition ,silicone button key make comfortable pressing
4,Full QWERTY keyboard,2.4G wireless tech,working distance 8-10m
5,Working current 0.8mA(button on),8uA(button off)
6,Material:High quality ABS
7,Packing Included:1*keybaord  1*2.4G wireless adapter  1*user manual