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Switch Charging Stand For Joy-Con&Pro Controller TNS-19017


1. Intelligent micro-control circuit technology is used to manage the output, with over-voltage and over-current protection (the input voltage exceeds 5.5V-5.6V and the input power supply is automatically turned off) to prevent the gamepad from being damaged due to too high input power voltage, and built-in self-restoring fuse to prevent overheating due to the high current caused by output short circuit or other reasons;

2. Over 90% efficient conversion;

3. Charge 4 Switch (JOY-Cons) L/R  + 1 PRO controller at the same time.

4. Two charging and discharging indicators, red light and green light, are simple and easy to understand;

5. Individualized and beautiful in appearance and easy for placement;  

6. Low standby power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection;


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