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XBOX Battery pack charging stand TYX-0645S

Suitable for XboxONE S battery series

Product name: XBOX battery pack charging stand
Product model: TYX-0645S

1. Suitable for X-ONE, X-Series series
2. The built-in circuit has over-voltage and over-current protection functions to ensure safe battery charging; pulse charging,
3. The circuit of this product uses a dedicated Ni-MH battery charging management IC chip, which has the function of over-current and over-voltage protection, which is safe and easy to use.
4. It can charge 4 Xbox battery packs at the same time.
5. Product power supply: USB 5V/1.5A; product output: 2.4V 350mA*4 (4 output channels);
6. Product material: ABS; charging time: about 3.5~4 hours;
7. Accessories: 1 USB to Type-C charging cable, 4 1200mAh battery packs; 1 charging stand;