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XboxONES controller keyboard (Green backlight metal dome button) TYX-587

For XboxONE S

Product name:   XboxONES controller keyboard (Green backlight metal dome button)

Product model:  TYX-587

Product feature:

1,Compatible for Xbox One Slim controller
2,Keyboard for easy text input and chat with friends after connect the keyboard to Xbox one s wireless controller and insert the 2.4G receiver to any USB interface of the for Xbox one s console
3,backlit design,keys glow green in the dark or in low light environments ;Preserves full functionality of controller and headphone jack
4,Full QWERTY keyboard,2.4G wireless tech,working distance 8-10m
5,Working current 0.8mA(button on),8uA(button off)
7,Packing Included:1*keybaord  1*2.4G wireless adapter