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Xbox Series X Multifunctional Charging Dock TYX-1622

xbox gamepad charging stand xbox series X multifunctional cooling charging stand

Product Name: Xbox Series X Multifunctional Charging Dock

Product model: TYX-1622


1: DC 5V1A power supply, the input interface is a standard TYPE-C port, and it is also equipped with a USB to TYPE-C cable and a Ni-MH battery pack + two battery covers, which is very convenient to use.
2: The built-in circuit has overcurrent protection for input current, short circuit protection for output, and overvoltage and reverse polarity protection for battery charging;
3: This product uses a dedicated Ni-MH battery charge management IC design. When charging, when the Ni-MH battery voltage reaches 2.85V, it will automatically stop charging, which can effectively protect the Xbox Series X handle and the Ni-MH battery pack, and has overvoltage protection. , Overcurrent protection, output short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection.
4: When charging, you can directly know the charging status of the battery pack on the handle from the luminous color of the two handle patterns on the front display panel, which is very intuitive.
5: Accessories: 1 USB to TYPE-C cable, 2 TYX-0612 Ni-MH battery packs, 2 Xbox Series S/X and ONE S battery back covers, 4 in total, TYX-0674 earphone hanger and CD storage shelf.
6: Charging time: about 3~3.5 hours.
7: Product material: ABS.
8: Product charging current: When the input power is sufficient 5V 1A, the maximum charging current of a single handle can reach 300 mA ~ 320mA. When two handles are charged at the same time, the maximum charging current can be guaranteed to be 250mA ~ 300mA.