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PS4 PRO Multi-functional Charging & Cooling Stand TP4-837

For PS4 Pro

Product name:  PS4 PRO Multi-functional Charging & Cooling Stand

Product model: TP4-837

Product feature:

1,Compatible for PS4/PS4 PRO console and controllers .
2,Cool down the temperature when the console is over heating and charge the controller when out of battery.
3,Multi-functional design,work as vertical cooling fan stand and dual charging dock station as well as game CD(4MAX) storage.
4,Llevel current of fan :120MA , Hlevel current:150MA (when PS4 controller not charing ) .
5,Max rotate speed of fan:5000±10%PRM ,max wind volum:10.6 CFM.
6,Charging Curret:800mA (max)for single controller,400mA(max) average for both controller charge at same time when fan is not operating;The two USB Port provide 500mA current.
7,Charging time:2.5-3 hours(two controller charging at same time)
8,Material:High quality ABS.
9,Packing Included:1*vertical stand     1*USB charging cable


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