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PS4 Controller Dual Charging Dock TP4-1781

For PS4 Pro

Product name:   PS4 Controller Dual Charging Dock

Product model:  TP4-1781

Product feature:

1.This product is designed to charge two PS4 controllers at the same time,with light circle at the bottom.
2.After the product is connected to the power supply, you can learn about the charging state of PS4 controller in real time through the product trademark and the charging state indicator lamp displayed on the translucent lens in the front part of the product.
3.The charger uses standard DC 5V input voltage and is compatible to various USB interfaces. No special power supply is needed.
4.Featuring novel and beautiful appearance, convenient use and good practicality. This product is a game accessory worth buying for PS4 users.
5.The brand light can be changed when do OEM production.


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