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PS5 multi-functional fan base is black TP5-05111

Suitable for PS5

Product name: PS5 Multi-functional fan base Black TP5-05111
Product size: 303*299*56mm

【Product Features】

1.TYPE-C Input port:

2. Fan and atmosphere light switch: After the product is energized, press the switch to turn on and off the fan and atmosphere light.

3. Heat dissipation fan: There is a high speed fan in the product, which can accelerate the internal air circulation of the host to achieve heat dissipation.

4. Atmosphere light: There is atmosphere light all around the product. The atmosphere light works synchronously with the fan.

5. Charging card holder: Two original PS5 handles can be charged at the same time. Insert the PS5 handle into the left (right) charging card holder as shown in the figure to charge.

6. Charging display window: The charging state of the handle can be displayed in the charging display window of the handle:

6 (1) After the product is powered on, the ICONS of the handle in the display window of the product are displayed in blue. Place the handle to the left (right) handle charging card holder for charging, and the corresponding left (right) display window will immediately turn to red display; After charging, the display window turns blue again.

6 (2) THE PS5 handle is not connected to the host for charging: the charging indicator on the handle is orange breath display; After charging, the indicator light on the handle is off.

6 (3) PS5 gamepad is successfully connected to the console for charging: the charging indicator on the gamepad is long and bright white. If the gamepad is being charged in the game, blue and white light will appear on the gamepad.

6 (4) When the charging capacity of PS5 gamepad reaches 80% or more, if you unplug the gamepad and then plug it in for charging, the gamepad may not be charged due to the battery protection function of the gamepad; Only when the battery level of the handle drops below 80% will the battery continue to charge.

7. Charging time: It takes about 3 hours for the controller to be fully charged.

8. Product material: ABS

9. Accessories: 1 double USB A-type-c charging cable, 1PCS PS5 host fixing screw.

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