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PS5 handle Bluetooth keyboard (with backlight) P5-0556S

Compatible with PS5 gamepad


1. Keyboard bracket: The keyboard bracket can install the Bluetooth keyboard and PS5 original handle together;
2. Bluetooth keyboard: After the Bluetooth keyboard is paired with the PS5 host Bluetooth, you can directly input characters and common punctuation marks on the keyboard interface;
3. Bracket screws: Two bracket screws are used to fix the Bluetooth keyboard and keyboard bracket;
4. On/off button: long press the button to close and open the keyboard to work;
5. Indicator hole: the charging indicator and the bluetooth indicator share the light hole, the red light is the charging work indication, and the blue light is the bluetooth work indication;
6. Charging interface: The charging interface adopts Type-c female socket, plug in the Type-c charging cable and connect the DC5V power supply to charge the Bluetooth keyboard;
7. Reset hole: There is a reset switch inside the reset hole, and the reset switch can be triggered by inserting a sharp object in the vertical direction of the reset hole;
8. Keyboard interface: Press the characters or symbols printed on the keyboard interface to enter the corresponding characters, and the keyboard backlight function can be turned on by combining keys.

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