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Switch Wired Controller For Switch TNS-19036

For N-Switch

Product name:   Switch Wired Controller For Switch
Product model:  TNS-19036

Product feature:

1. Support Switch Console wired connection.

2. The gamepad supports USB2.0 cable system upgrade.

3.  Function keys: A key, B key, X key, Y key, + key, - key, L key, R key, ZL key, ZR key, HOME key, left 3D joystick, L3 key, of which: left 3D joystick can be switched to: right 3D joystick, press down R3 key, and D-pad function.

4. The product has the functions of motor vibration and connection channel indicator light.

5. The product features: small size, beautiful appearance, and good feeling grip.

6. Working voltage of the gamepad: 5V DC


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