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Switch split handle TNS-1120

Suitable for N-Switch

Product name: Switch split handle
Product model: TNS-1120
Product Size:

1. The handle is a dedicated handle for Switch split type. It supports both wired and Bluetooth connections. You can use the handle by inserting it into the Switch host along the slide rails; it can be used by plugging the handle into the "Bluetooth connector". Bluetooth wireless connection, the handle has strong anti-interference ability, stable connection signal, beautiful appearance and excellent grip;
2. There are TURBO function keys, and two TURBO modes, semi-automatic and fully automatic;
3. Equipped with ASSIGN (custom) key programming function, (the left and right handles are each designed with two custom key programming functions), which fully meets the operation needs of game masters and improves game performance;
4. Support USB adapter cable to connect to the computer to upgrade and other functions;
5. When the host is sleeping, press and hold the HOME button on the handle to wake up the host with one key;
6. Support wired and Bluetooth connection (Bluetooth connection needs to be plugged into the "Bluetooth connector" to use);
7. The 3D joystick of this product does not need to be validated manually on the Switch host. It will automatically validate the 3D joystick every time it is inserted into the Switch host;

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