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switch 3 in 1 suit(TNS-1125+TNS-1183+TNS-19303)TNS-1201

switch accessories suit


1, the set includes 1125 handle + game card storage box, which can be inserted to store 8 game cards + multi-function storage bag. Common to Switch OLED and Switch;
2, input voltage :15V (PD protocol)
3. Input current :1.5A1. After inserting the Switch game host, the controller will be automatically connected.
4, equipped with screen shot key, six-axis gyroscope gravity sensing, custom key-function programming (mapping), dual motor vibration, power charging input interface, handle system upgrade and other functions.
5, Adopt Type-C interface design, support Switch game host while charging while playing games, can be used Switch original power adapter or standard 15V PD protocol power adapter charging.
6, handle left and right rocker three rocker cap can be replaced, more accurate operation.


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