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Switch R (red)/G (green)/B (blue) handle iTNS-0117R



1. Small and fresh style gamepad can play Switch games through wireless connection to Switch host; Connect PC through USB data line, play PC games freely;
2. Bluetooth wireless connection;
3. Turbo one-button continuous transmission function is supported;
4, double motor vibration, vibration intensity of three adjustable;
5, six axis gyroscope gravity induction;
6, automatic calibration of 3D rocker, without manual calibration;
7, built-in 500mAh high-capacity high-efficiency lithium battery;
8, product size: 147*100*64mm;
9, working voltage: DC 3.6-4.2V;
10, working current: 24mA;
11, handle battery capacity: 500mAh;
12. Packing list: 1* Bluetooth handle 1* product specification 1*Type-C data cable;


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