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Switch Bluetooth handle TNS-1126

Suitable for N-Switch

Product name: Switch bluetooth handle
Product model: TNS-1126
Product Size:

1. Support Bluetooth wireless connection with Switch host, Android mobile phone platform, support wired Switch and PC XINPUT two USB mode connections.
2. Support the wired connection of the data cable with the Switch host, Android phones, and PC computers.
3. It is designed with functions such as Turbo setting function, taking picture (screenshot) function, gyroscope gravity sensing, motor vibration and other functions.
4. Built-in 400mAh 3.7V high-energy lithium battery can be recharged and used.
5. With Type c interface design, it can be charged with the original Switch adapter or standard PD protocol adapter.
6. The handle is a three-in-one game Bluetooth multi-function handle with Switch + Android + PCinput mode. The product has a beautiful appearance and an excellent grip.
7. The three rocker caps of high, medium and low can be disassembled and replaced, so that the operation can be handled more easily.

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